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St. Catharines CYO minor Hockey Registration

Table of Contents

Important Dates. 2

Registration. 2

Team Allocation. 2

Late Fees. 2

Payment Due. 2

Select Tryouts. 2

Program start 2

What you need to know.. 3

Birth Certificates. 3

Account Payment 3

Late Fees. 3

NSF Cheques. 4

Funding Help is available. 4

Refund Requests. 4

Team Allocation. 6

On-line Registration. 7

Setting up an account: 7

Account information required: 7

Type with care; Case Sensitive: 8

Sample: 8

Home page. 10

Register a Participant 11

Checking your Order History. 14

Walk-in Registration. 14

Contacts. 15

Office Hours. 15

Important Dates


-       opens mid June

-       closes end of September or when teams are full

Team Allocation

Players will be allocated (assigned a team) based on CYO rules (see rules on the web site). Once teams have been allocated any new registrants will be added to teams based on which teams have open spots. A player will be included in allocation only if payment has been received in full (or arrangements have been made with the administration).

NOTE: if you have not paid in FULL by AUGUST 31, you will be removed from the system and NOT included in allocation. You will be required to re-register (and a late fee will be applied).

-       Mid September (novice through Midget)

-       Late November, after skills development (tyke)

Late Fees

-       Sept 1; any registration after August 31 will automatically be charged a late fee (excludes Heat program, Mite, Juvenile and Alumni programs)

Payment Due

-       FULL Payment is due by August 31. Contact [email protected] if you have any concerns with this payment due date to discuss an equitable arrangement.

Select Tryouts

-       October; watch the website for select tryout dates.

Program start

-       Mite: October/November

-       Tyke through Midget: late September/ early October

-       Juvenile: late September/ early October

-       Alumni: late September/ early October

-       Heat: late September/ early October

What you need to know

Birth Certificates

If you are new to St. Catharines CYO minor Hockey, we require a copy of your birth certificate. A Birth Certificate for each player is required by Hockey Canada. If we do not receive a birth certificate your child will be notified that they will not be able to play. You can submit us a copy of your birth certificate in one of the following ways:

1.    Photocopy ( the copy must be clear and readable) your certificate and

a.    bring it to the office during office hours

b.    put in an envelope (marked with your name) and deposit it through the mail slot in the metal door (on Riordon St. side) of the office.

2.    Scan a copy (the copy must be clear and readable) and email to [email protected]

Account Payment

A participant will not be considered registered until payment has been received. Payment in full is required by August 31, before allocation (assigning players to teams).

It is not our intent to cause economic difficulty for families. Should you be unable to pay your registration fees by August 31, please contact the treasurer at [email protected] to discuss a payment plan.

It is the responsibility of the participant (or their guardian) to contact the treasurer with any concerns. Should arrangements not be made with the treasurer prior to August 31 (and your account not be paid in full) you will be de-registered and not included in the team allocation process. You will have to go through the registration process again and late fees will be applied. Don’t get caught in this situation, contact the treasurer as soon as possible should you require an alternate arrangement.

Late Fees

A late fee of $50 will be added to the amount due under the following conditions:

-       novice to bantam house league and MD players who

o   register after August 31

o   Or still have an outstanding balance owing as of August 31

-       Midget house league and minor midget/midget MD players who

o   register after September 15

o   or still have an outstanding balance owing as of September 15

Parents/Guardians who make payment arrangements with the league prior to the dates mentioned above will have the late fee waived, provided they honour the arrangements agreed upon.

NSF Cheques

All NSF cheques are subject to the following:

-       $40 NSF fee payable to St. Catharines CYO minor hockey

-       Payment of the original amount of the cheque

-       The only acceptable payment method will be one of the following (cheques will no longer be accepted)

o   certified cheque

o   money order

o   debit or cash

o   credit card.

-       Payments must be received within 2 weeks of notification. If payment is not received the player will be removed from all St. Catharines CYO Minor Hockey activities.

Funding Help is available

-       Several organizations are available to help with funding that can be applied towards your registration fee. Visit the following sites to see if you qualify.



Refund Requests

It is unfortunate when a player can no longer play for St. Catharine’s CYO Minor Hockey Association, but we are aware that different situations can occur between registration and the start of the season that may require this to occur. In such circumstances, the registering parent is required to submit a ‘Request For Refund Form’ located on the forms page of the website, or in the office. Depending on the timeline and reason for request your refund will be granted according to the table below. The date the Request for Refund Form is received by the office is the date used to assess the amount of refund (if applicable).

After the 1st ice session there are no refunds to any division/program unless for Medical Reasons. This means if the refund request is received after the first practice, training camp or game scheduled for your team, there will be no refund (regardless of whether or not you were on the ice).

Medical Refund Requests must be accompanied by a doctor’s note. The refund is based on the date the note is received by the CYO office, not the date of injury. Any Note received after December 31, of the season will not be accepted.

MD Non Refundable Deposits: These are absolutely non-refundable. A transfer of funds towards CYO House league fees can be arranged only after the MD space vacated is confirmed filled by the MD program director.

LATE FEES and TRYOUT FEES FOR MD and SELECT are non-refundable.   See Policy menu.

Team Allocation

There is an allocation process for house league players in the tyke through Midget divisions. This is the process that will determine which team you are on. Our league has very specific allocation rules that are followed (see rules document on out web site).

During registration, you are asked what your parish preference(s) is (are). These preferences will be taken into consideration during the allocation process but please be aware that No player is guaranteed to be on a particular team. Do not assume you will be a member of a particular team because you requested it. Every effort is made to accommodate preferences but there are many rules to consider in the allocation process and it may not be possible to accommodate preferences.

Each team has a finite number of spots available. In those divisions where participants must select if they are a skater or a goalie we will accommodate up to 15 skaters and 2 goalies per team. We do not take requests to allow goalies to be the only goalie on a team. Registration numbers determine if there will be one or two goalies on a team.

On-line Registration

1.    To register on-line, go to the league home page and click on the Register link on the right side of the page (by the CYO email address)

2.    The first step will be to sign into the Hockey Canada registration system for St. Catharines CYO minor hockey.

Setting up an account:

If you do not already have an account you will be required to set one up. On the login page, under the welcome message there is a link to create a new account. Click the link.


Select the language you prefer (English or French), then read the instructions carefully. Check off the box indicating you have read the steps and wish to create an account.

Please note: if you have already created an account to register for St. Catharines CYO minor hockey, do not create another one. If you have forgotten your password, use the “forgot my password” feature on the main login page.

Account information required:

The account set up page will prompt you with information that is required. If there is an asterisk to the right of the input area, this is a required field. If you do not provide information in a required field an account will not be created.

When you set up your account, please make sure to select a security question and answer that you will not be likely to forget. This is the information that is used to help you login if you forget your password to the account you are setting up.

Some common security questions are:

1)    My mothers maiden name

2)    The street I grew up on

3)    My father’s middle name

or any other statement/question that you can easily answer (but others can’t easily answer).


Once you have filled in all the fields (every field except extension is required on this page), click SUBMIT. Only after you click submit, will an account be set up for you. If you click CANCEL at this point, an account will not be set up.

Note: A work number is required. If you do not work, you can enter your cell phone number or your home phone number again.

Type with care; Case Sensitive:

Everything you type into this page is case sensitive. This means that a capital letter and the lower case letter are treated as being 2 different things (ie/ A and a are not the same letter according to this page. This is done to increase security on passwords and user accounts).

Notice in this example, the page shows an error indicating the Email and Confirm Email fields do not match.


To a person reading the email addresses entered, they appear to be the same, but a computer sees the first 3 characters on the two entries as being different. The first entry has lower case “cyo” the second entry has uppercase “CYO” and these are treated as different.



When all information has been entered, click SUBMIT to create your account.

Home page


Your home page will initially look similar to the image above.

1.    On the top left, your email account / login account information will display. This serves as a verification that you have indeed signed into the correct account. (on the image above it is circled in pink).

2.    To the far right, below the top task bar, also circled in pink, is your information as you entered it on the account set up page. If your address, or phone number(s) have changed, click the edit field (top right hand corner of this information box) to update the information.

3.    On the task bar, top right hand side of this page, highlighted in green (on this image only) are the items available to you on this registration site. Clicking any of the items listed will take you to the appropriate page. Options available are:


b.Register a Participant

c. Order history - this page will show your transactions

d.Cart(x) - where x shows the number of items in your cart

e.My Account - this page will allow you to edit your profile, change your emiail address, change your password.

f. Help


Register a Participant


Follow the instructions on the page. If the participant played previously enter the name using the exact same name they were registered under previously.


Click Register a Participant and then select Participant as the type of registration on the following page.

If this participant was found in the Hockey Canada system, their information will be displayed (see sample below). Any member found in Hockey Canada matching on name and birth date will be displayed. If the person you are registering participated last year and you do NOT see their information below, it is possible you entered the name differently than was used last year (ie/ nickname used this time or last year?). If you find the participant in the list displayed below the Register a Participant button, and it is the person you are trying to register, click the Register Now button.


Step 2:


Step 3: Select the division (typically there will only be one choice in our league, it will be based on the participants age)


Step 4 may show several options (skater and goalie). Select the appropriate option to continue.


Step 5 requires information particular to this participant. So far, your information has been added to the system, but now we need information specific to the participant. The following information is required:

-       Participant’s address (as it may differ from the parent or guardian)

-       Contact information (of parent or guardian)

-       Emergency contact information (as it may be different from parent or guardian information)

-       Questionnaire required by the league

o   don’t forget to enter the name of the person making the payment, this will be used for tax receipts.

o   If you wish to try out for the non-contact select program, be sure to say Yes to the question. This allow the administration to contact you (through email) to inform you when tryouts start.

-       Review and check the “I agree” on the parent/guardian agreement

-       Review and check the “I agree” on the Hockey Canada Waiver

-       Fees section

o   This will list the registration fee for the division you are registering

o   If you wish to try out for select, there is an additional try out fee, select the “Select Tryout” fee item. If you do not pay for select tryouts at this time, you will be required to submit payment, for the tryout fee, to the office before going on the ice for the first tryout.

o   If you are registering late (Sept 1 or later) a late fee will automatically be added to this total.


Step 6 is the payment step. There are several options for payment.

1)    Credit card (Visa or Mastercard)

o   can be processed through on-line registration as part of the check out process

2)    Cheque

o   Send in your cheque through mail (with a copy of your receipt from the registration system)

o   Drop off your cheque during office hours (with a copy of your receipt from the registration system)

o   Drop off your cheque through the mail slot in the CYO office side door (on Riordon street). Please ensure that you write your name on the envelope and put ATTENTION TREASURER on the envelope. (with a copy of your receipt from the registration system)

Note: up to 5 post-dated cheques will be accepted.

o    1st cheque: minimum $100.00 payment (not post dated)

o    Subsequent cheques can be post dated up to August 31. The balance of the amount due is required by August 31.

Should this be a concern for anyone, please contact [email protected] to work out an equitable payment plan that works for your family.

3)    Other

o   Debit is available at the office during office hours.

Checking your Order History

The Order History page will show you the status of your registration. In the example below, you can see that the order has not been completed as the Net Total column, shows $0. This indicates that the registration has not been completed, this participant has not yet registered.

The links to the far right of each line give the option of Deleting this registration request, Viewing the information associated with the registration request, or Editing the request to complete the registration.

The options below the information lines (bottom of page) are

1)    Register a Participant

2)    Check out (this is where you will complete the registration for the participants listed)

3)    Clear cart (delete all requests)


Walk-in Registration

Don’t have a computer? No problem. You can register in person by coming to the office (in the back of Jack Gatecliffe arena) during office hours. If you are new to the league, please bring a birth certificate with you for each participant you will be registering.


Registrar ……………………………………… [email protected]

Secretary …………………………….………... [email protected] 

Treasurer …………………………………….. [email protected]

Office Phone Number ………………………. 905 – 228 -0313
Please leave a message on the office phone, it is monitored regularly. Leave your name, phone number you’re your message and someone will get back to you.

Office Hours

Will be posted on the schedule on the website.

If you need to get to the office and are unable to attend the hours posted, call the league phone number or email [email protected]. We will work with you to find an equitable time to meet at the office.

Our league is run by a group of dedicated volunteers. We will make every attempt to ensure you and your families have a positive hockey experience within our league. We do appreciate your patience and understanding that our volunteers cannot staff the office daily.

Site Navigation

There are three main areas of navigation which are available on every page on this site. The main organization menu will always be shown horizontally across the page and will contain links to pages with information which is not specific to any single team, league, tournament, or vendor. The left-hand column will contain a menu listing either all the leagues & teams setup for the current season or all the pages available for the selected league, team, tournament, or vendor. Lastly, the very top-right of each page will contain links to a contact page, a sitemap, this help page, and other helpful links.

Site Modes

The site will operate in the following modes*: Organization, League, Team, Tournament, and Vendor. The default mode is Organization, and it is the parent of the other modes. The site can be returned to organization mode by clicking any of the items in the main menu. When the site is in any other mode, all information displayed is filtered to show only items relevant to that league, team, tournament, or vendor. Administrators also have the ability to mark certain information as major, which will make those items visible on the relevant pages in both the parent and child modes (if there are any).

Page Types

Each mode will have the option to add various types of pages to its menu, such as a home page, a calendar, a news archive, and so on. Some page types will only be available in certain modes, such as a roster page which is only available in team mode. The URL (or web address) of most page types has been made as intuitive as possible where you could guess the address of the page if you are unable to locate it in the menu. For example, the organization calendar is available here: Some of the most common page types include:

  • Home: The home page will usually show the most recent article for the selected mode, a short list of other recent articles and upcoming events, a calendar of the next five days for that mode, and so on. In some modes it will also include the team or organization record and any upcoming games.
  • Articles: The articles page will list all the articles submitted to the site for the selected mode, in reverse-chronological order (newest articles first). In general, articles are never deleted from the site so you can always go back and read articles from the past.
  • Schedule: The schedule page will show a table of all the games scheduled for the selected mode, including links to the venue for each as well as a link to the game details page if the score has been recorded.
  • Calendar: Calendars will display all games, practices, events, and tournaments scheduled for the selected mode. A full month is shown when in team mode, and two weeks for all other modes. You can navigate the calendar forward and backward by using the links provided on the page.
  • Libraries: The site allows administrators to create three different kinds of libraries: images, documents, and media. The libraries pages will create useful lists of the items in that library.
  • Contact: The contact page will show, for the current season, all executive contacts, organization staff, coaches, and team personnel on a single page. Most organizations also include their physical mailing address on this page.


Every page on this site is printer-friendly! Using your browser's built-in print button will automatically remove the header, left column, and right-column (if there is one) on the page being printed. Most pages also include a print button which mimics the built-in print button of your browser.

Exporting Schedules

We always recommend that you use the website as your primary source for scheduling information. However, there are a few tools included with the site which allow you to import scheduling information found on this site into other calendars. These options include 1) Clicking the "Export" link found at the top of any team's calendar page, 2) Using the WebCal feature for live updates of the schedule into other programs (Read More Here), or 3) Using to combine multiple teams' schedules into a single calendar.

Site Administration

All updates & other maintenance for this site is accomplished through a web-based administrator-only area called the Control Panel. If you have been provided with a username and password for the Control Panel, you can click the Login link at the top of this page, and enter your credentials to become logged in. If your login is successful, a new link will appear in the very top of the page for the Control Panel. For more information about how to use the Control Panel, please check out the support website.

About MBSportsWeb

This website is built on the MicroAge Basics Sports Organization Website platform, or MBSportsWeb for short. The vision behind the platform since day one has been to enable sports organizations to create & maintain high-quality, data-intensive websites with as little effort as possible. The core of the product is its built-in scheduling capabilities which allow the organization's scheduler(s) to efficiently maintain a dynamic, on-demand schedule online with the added benefit of automatic notifications which can be setup to alert the individuals affected by a schedule change. For more information about MBSportsWeb or to get your organization online, click the link at the very bottom-right of this page and complete the form.

*Some modes might not be enabled for this organization
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